A new concept in

Community Management

- Online Voting

- Semi-annual Balances

- Virtual Office 24 hs

- Periodic Visits


We seek the highest return

for your community fee,

increasing the services

your community receives

to increase the value

of your property.


Access to all information

from your community 24 hours

on your mobile or on your computer

through our website.

We bring new technologies to communities

We help communities prosper


About Us

We are a community management company with a single purpose: to achieve excellence in the service we provide. For this we rely on the following pillars.

– TRANSPARENCY so that wherever you are can control our work in a brief moment through your mobile or computer.

– COMMUNICATION to establish a permanent round trip information link between our users and us.

– EFFICIENCY to solve quickly and professionally the problems and concerns of our users

All our time and effort are dedicated to the management of communities. Starting from this exclusivity, we obtain the efficiency with which we serve all the communities that are part of Civitas. Join us




Working in CIVITAS means focusing on how the decisions we make and the work we do affect the people we serve, the neighborhoods we are a part of, and the environment.


– Spanish – English – Spanish Translation in Meetings and documentation.

– Preparation of the Meetings, prior meeting with the President or conveners.

– Publication of Proceedings on the Community Intranet.


– Web access to the information of your community.

– Implementation of new communication channels.

– Development of mobile applications.

– Online Voting.

– Periodic visits. 


– Elaboration of the Annual Budget of General Expenses.

– Preparation of Accounts, Balances and Annual Results.

– Control of non-payment of fees.

– Processing of subsidies and negotiations with the corresponding Public Organizations.


 – Claim of defaults and collection of debtors and debtors.

– Interposition of the initial brief of the Monitorial Judgment.

– Advice on legal questions regarding the Horizontal Property Law that the Community needs.

– Arbitration between owners.



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